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Kids' Safety Rules

By: Anna Hinds BA (hons) - Updated: 7 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
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“Time to go to school!” called Cyril’s mum. Cyril switched off his computer at the monitor, picked up his lunchbox and climbed into the car, where he almost forgot to strap on his seatbelt. Cyril’s mum slammed on the brakes. “That was close – we nearly hit a cat!” she said. When they arrived at school, Cyril hopped out of the car without looking and ran for the school gate so fast that his lunchbox flew open and his apple rolled across the road. Cyril raced to the middle of the road to pick it up and dashed back again. “Morning Cyril!” called the lollipop man. “Would you like a lemon lolly?” “Yes please!” said Cyril, and pushed his way through the crowd to grab it. He was so busy eating it that he didn’t notice his untied shoelaces – until he tripped and fell on his nose. Cyril got up and dusted his face off. Just another ordinary Monday.

Safety Mistakes Made

Cyril made SEVEN mistakes this morning - can you spot them all? See how well you did...
  • Switching off your computer at the monitor. Don’t leave electric appliances turned on if you’re not there – shut them down properly and switch them off at the plug. They don’t just guzzle electricity, they can also cause fires.
  • Forgetting to wear a seatbelt. Cyril had a near miss this morning – if he hadn’t strapped himself in, he might have been thrown forward when his mum slammed on the brakes. The cat would have been safe, but Cyril might have got a broken nose. Don’t forget that if you’re under 12 it’s illegal to travel in a car without the proper seatbelt.
  • Getting out of the car or bus without checking. If you’re opening your door onto the road, don’t forget there could be a car coming – and if you’re opening it onto the pavement, you could knock into a pushchair, skateboard, or another person. So look before you open your door and get out carefully.
  • Crossing the road without looking. When you’re crossing a road, use the Green Cross Code: Stop, Look, Listen. Never run onto a road to retrieve something until you are completely sure there is nothing coming – and ask an adult to get it for you if you can.
  • Taking sweets from strangers. No matter how tempting it is, don’t accept anything at all from a stranger, even the lollipop man.
  • Eating without washing your hands. How many germs are on your hands right now? There could be thousands! Wash your hands carefully with soap before you eat anything, otherwise you could be licking something very nasty indeed!
  • Watching where you’re going. Especially in a crowded place like outside school. Cyril pushes his way through the children to get a lolly and then walks along concentrating on eating. Don’t eat or use a mobile phone while you’re walking in a public place – it’s not just you who might fall over!

Safety on your Computer

  • NEVER, EVER give out your name, address, or photographs of friends and family on the Internet – even if you receive an email asking for them. You can never be sure who will use this information. They could use it to get into your bank account, or even to blackmail you.
  • When you use forums and chat-rooms, be aware that other people might not be who they seem. Pick a username that doesn’t give any clues about your real name or location. If you receive any comments or emails that worry you, show them to your parents and don’t respond.
  • When you’re visiting a website that asks you to sign-in, make sure you sign-out before you close the browser.

Safety on Foot and on Bike

When you go out with your friends or family, there are lots of extra hazards to watch out for! This checklist will keep you safe from most of the common problems.
  • If you’re going out on a bike, ALWAYS put on your helmet – if you fall off it will cushion your most important asset – your brain! To make sure that cars and other cyclists can see you, wear light, bright clothing – fluorescent if you have any. If you’re going out at night, check your front and rear lights.
  • Walk in single file along roads, and stay on the side facing approaching traffic. When you come to a bend in the road, walk along the outside edge (avoiding the sharpest corner).
  • If you’re walking on your own, keep your mobile phone close to hand. Walk confidently and choose a route that is well-lit (avoiding any dark little streets or corners). Don’t stop and talk to anybody.
  • If you’re going out with your friends or family and you might get separated – at the beach, shops, or a concert – agree a place to meet up again.

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